Temporary Crowns


(Fixed Prosthesis)



You have just received a plastic restoration that will serve you for a short period of time. A few comments about this temporary restoration will be helpful to you.



The temporary cement requires about one-half hour to set. Please do not chew during that period of time.


Temporary restorations are not strong. They may break or come off occasionally. If so, call us and we will replace them. If you are not where you can contact us, go to a pharmacy and get some Fixodent. Replace the temporary on your tooth with some Fixodent holding it in place. This denture adhesive will retain the temporary restoration until you can see us. Please do not leave the temporary restoration out of your mouth because the teeth will move and the final restoration will not fit.


Certain foods will stick to the temporary restoration. This will not happen with the porcelain or gold restoration to be cemented soon.



The color of the plastic temporary does not resemble the final restoration in any way.



The shape and size of the plastic temporary does not resemble the final restoration in any way.




Temporary restoration may leak saliva or food into the tooth. Sensitivity to cold, hot, or sweet is not uncommon. This sensitivity will not be the case with your later restorations.


Please call us if you have any questions or problems. Thank you.


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